ACTS that MATTER: Act 2. Identify Resources

Once we have been honest with ourselves, we can move on to the next act of healing: The identification of resources. Before we can reach out for help, we must know where to find it. The second act of healing is to identify resources.

The identification of informational resources is an important act that leads to healing. Information in the community is available and can be explored anonymously, if necessary, through:
* The Internet
* Libraries
* Bookstores
* Community Centers
* Hot lines
* Community Directories
* Local Newspapers

These provide information about community groups, treatment programs, public agencies, non-profit or religious organizations, literature, and learning opportunities that deal with a variety of issues in the areas of recovery and healing.

The identification of human resources is also critical in the healing process. The act of gathering of information is often not enough for healing to occur. We must follow-up the act of identifying informational resources with the act of finding human resources, beginning with friends and family members that are trustworthy and committed to supporting us on the healing journey. With the identification of informational and human resources underway, we can move forward to the next act: Reach out for help.

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