For those who can and are able, Love your mother.  It is an Act that Matters, that helps materialize the highest expression of you.  Go back in time, if you can and are able, and call into your imagination an experience of your mother that reminds you of the tenderness she touched your head with when you bumped into the wall and cried out of pain and embarrassment.  Summon up the sleepless nights she endured, tucked into her chest with excruciating pain in your ear from an infection.  Smell the fried chicken and rice she cooked for you, and the breast meat she saved for you because she knows that it is your favorite.  Stand silently by her side as she kneeled in prayer for you at church, asking God to protect and keep you safe.   

Something within my Spirit is calling me to Love my Mother.  It is telling me that until I Love and Accept the role she played in the evolution of my life experiences, I will not feel peace.   Loving my mother means not avoiding, dismissing, or minimizing my experiences of frustrating and angry interactions with her.   It means seeing them, feeling them through the lenses of the Real and Ever-present Fact that I chose to come into this world through her.  Out of all the women I could have chosen, why her?  

Written by one of the blueSHIFT teleMENTAL counselors.  Call or text now for a free counseling consultation at 818-804-6041

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