REGGEATON LYRICS: mental health meaning

“ESTAMOS BIEN” by BAD BUNNY: Reggeaton: the mental health meaning

estamos bien badd bunny


The Lyrics of “Estamos Bien” by Bad Bunny speak to the thoughts of William James, an psychologist and philosopher who had  major impact on the way we look at the mind, the body and the world.   Jame is also known for contributing to functionalism, one of the earliest schools of thought in psychology and often referred to as the Father of American Psychology.

In his1890  writings,  “The Self And Its Selves,”  James talks about what makes the SELF cohesive and he separates the SELF into 3 Categories:

 “1. Its constituents;

2. The feelings and emotions they arouse,—Self-feelings;’

3. The actions to which they prompt,—Self-seeking and Self-preservation.

The first category, “Its Constituents,” is further divided by James into

a) the material self

b) the social self

c) the spiritual self

d) the pure ego

Bad Bunny is from Puerto Rico, which is part of his Social Self.  After Hurricane Maria in 2017, Puerto Rico was devastated.  Puerto Ricans died.  Puerto Ricans lost their homes.  Puerto Rico was without electricity and water for almost a year.  Schools were closed.  Puerto Rican’s were displaced.  When Bad Bunny’s lyrics state, “Estamos Bien,” he is in a way saying that his Material Self, his Social Self, his Spiritual Self, and His Pure Ego are OKAY.  His, and his Puerto Rican people’s SELF is OKAY.  It was swayed and shaken by hurricane force winds, but OKAY.



My SELF (material, social, spiritual, and ego) are OKAY

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