Hip Hop & Rap Teen Therapy

WHAT’s THE 411?

Trained and licensed clinical professionals using the music of your favorite Hip Hop & Rap Artists as your guide to self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

Including the music of:



Salt n’ Pepa

Kendrick Lamar



Lauryn Hill

Jay Z


HOW Music Therapy HELPS?

The research articles listed below report the benefits of music therapy:

Improved self-image/Increased self-esteem

Decreased anxiety/agitation 

Enhanced interpersonal relationships

Improved group cohesiveness

Enhanced self-expression and self-awareness

Increased motivation

Improved perception and differentiation of feelings

Research Article Name: James, M. R. (1988). Adolescent values clarification: A positive influence on perceived locus of control. Journal of Music Therapy, 25, 206-215.

  • “Lyric analysis focusing on values’ clarification was shown to be an effective intervention for influencing an adolescent’s perceived locus of control, and helping to develop a positive attitude towards self and recovery.

Research Article Name:  Hendricks, C. B. (2001). A study of the use of music therapy techniques in a group for the treatment of adolescent depression. Dissertation Abstracts International, 62(2-A). (UMI No. AAT3005267)

  • “During the ages of 12-18, depression affects one in five adolescents. Since music is an integral part of the adolescent’s life and since most adolescents listen to music on a daily basis, music is a viable source for alleviation of adolescent depression.” 
  • “The use of music therapy techniques was positively correlated with reduced posttest depression scores and increased posttest self-concept scores for both junior high and senior high participants.

Research Article Name:  Pelletier, C. L. (2004). The effect of music on decreasing arousal due to stress: A meta-analysis. Journal of Music Therapy, 41(3), 192–214.

  • “Results demonstrated that music alone and music assisted relaxation techniques significantly decreased arousal (d = +.67). “

Research Article Name: Silverman, M. J. (2003). Music therapy and clients who are chemically dependent: A review of literature and pilot study. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 30, 273-281.

  • Persons in “substance abuse treatment reported music therapy to be highly effective in increasing relaxation and energy level and in decreasing impulsiveness.

Research Article Name:  Cevasco, A. M., Kennedy, R., & Generally, N. R. (2005). Comparison of movement-to-music, rhythmic activities, and competitive games on depression, stress, anxiety, and anger of females in substance abuse rehabilitation. Journal of Music Therapy, 42(1), 64-80.

  • “Each of the three music therapy interventions were equally effective in decreasing depression, stress, anxiety and anger in females who were in substance abuse treatment.

Research Article Name: Edwards, J. (2006). Music therapy in the treatment and management of mental disorders. Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, 23(1), 33–35.

  • “Music therapy is beneficial for patients receiving care for mental disorders and establishing this therapy within mental health service provision should be considered.



  • In LA and VENTURA
  • 1on1 or Face2Face or Groups or Via Webcam
  • 8 week Sessions

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