Diary of a Wise Puerto Rican Mami

The 7 Mangoes That Fell Off Mami’s Tree. Mango #1


“Cumple con lo tuyo” (English translation:  “Fulfill that which is yours”)

For mami, the thing that makes us miserable is NOT that we try to  keep up with the Joneses (or Gonzalezes).  She says that our problem is that we try to control the Joneses, and then judge them when they fail to meet our expectations or check off every box on our “They Need to Do List.”


Mami says that we spend too much time and energy  trying to tell the Joneses (Gonzalezes family) what to do, how to do it, how much to give, how much to spend, who to marry, who to divorce, what spices to cook with, how to raise their children, e.t.c.


Mami says that we should just worry about that which belongs to us, the children that belong to us, the money that belongs to us, the spouse that belongs to us, who we are going to marry, what we have cooking on our stove.  e.t.c.    So, the first Mango that mami dropped was ripe with the secret to being happy:  focus and fulfill your own obligations and responsibilities, and you will find happiness.


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